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“Till the time India would continue handling a

Normal gathering, our a billion fans would continued

to be sold out like World Cup and Match at Lords”

Be that as it may, the T20 World glass has passed on gratefulness to the players, yet the essential gathering is so far endeavoring to make a claim to fame. I widen my authentic gratefulness for the perusers about my latest article which highlighted Indian Cricketer’s Betrayal as far back as Indian gathering had played at Sharja and World Cup. This is the supposition over a Billion Indian Fans (BIF) who every now and again felt that at whatever point National distinction was being referred to or whether it was a Do or Die Match (DDM) against Pakistan or World Cup 2007 qualifying round, the Indian Cricket Team (ICT) had constantly betrayed. I should need to discuss two or three issues.


Immediately, on 07 September 2007, the equivalent sentiment foul play towards Nation was again watched when the entire gathering was roughed up underneath 188 continues running in the midst of England rivalry. Reiterated style of losing wickets, especially by Ganguly and Tendulkar through outstandingly apparent and poor shots, is an unmistakable normal for the dispute between their thinking and body works out. It gives the idea that while Daa has neglected his un-stately leave, the Master is holding up similar treatment. I am not simply sharing the points of view of my significant other Som Sharma, my daughters Shruti, Srishti and Smriti that Indian players have never learnt to leave with deference, yet also may need do record that Indian Cricketers have never played for the Nation. Or on the other hand possibly, money has been their prime goal. I am yet to see a cricketer, who had intentionally surrendered like Steve, Inzamam, Kapil and two or three others. I should need to survey old splendid day in the matter of how Little Master Sunil (LMS) was kept in the gathering paying little respect to reiterated disillusionments before completing his record making century and resulting retirement? Everything considered, regardless of all that I regard and pay my rich tribute to each old stalwart, who had cleared an outstandingly strong foundation of ICT.

In addition, unavoidably, a respected player fights to make reentry in the ICT, his distinctive fan clubs and nearby fans make attacks of disturbance to help however none had ever investigated these players genuine undertakings in winning my crusical “Do or Die Matches (DDM). I don’t audit any DDM; where these super square players; with the exception of a couple; had ever built significant duty in winning the match for India. The humiliation with which the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) had pulled once again from Sharja game plan is still new in Indian fan’s diaries. In any case, it was; extremely; a DDM for Indian and Pakistani players regardless all last matches result was controlled by Under World People (UWP). The players like Azar and Jadeja had not recently interesting style of playing; and losing their wickets; yet also they had kept up the pinnacle of match till last ball with the objective that innumerable betting money could fill UWP coffins. Unavoidably, when Indian Media and Nationalist People (IMNP) had raised tended to about ICT losing each DDM to Pakistan in finals at Sharja, the development of keeping Sports from Politics was made by UWP and their mischievous accomplices through Corrupt and Characterless Indian Politicians (CCIP). What I feel that the authentic manner of thinking, of keeping Sharja course of action going on, was printing money for UWP.


Thirdly, I may moreover need to record my life partner’s slants at whatever point any old player was re-picked quote “ICT would again encounter the evil impacts of inward break which would bamboozle the BIF” unquote. I recalled his declaration while seeing highlights of last at Lords among Indian and England. Nonetheless, treachery to Sachin Tendulkar might be a bit of covered arrangement; yet Ganguly’s style of playing rash shots after shots, consequent to having more than hundred matches inclusion, isn’t handled by a BIF; and a Common Cricket Fan (CCF). The game plan of falling wickets one after other was an intense sight to watch.

· First, I should need to talk about inward break among ICT. Why definitely, ICT fails to perform when Indian fans required? I find within break is the principal driver of ICT poor execution. The two senior players, without revealing their mind to each other are doubtlessly deceiving the Nation. Their exercises are destroying ICT sturdy soul and diminishing the National respect. The past ICT Coach Greg Chappell was endeavoring to change over Indian Secular Cricket Team (ISCT) to Indian National Cricket Team (INCT) yet he shelled pitiably. He, being from a to a great degree Nationalist Country Team, expected to mix the dead soul of Indian players, yet he was unsuccessful before soiled Indian administrative issues of Caste, Color and Creed (CCC); and in addition Regionalism and Regional Identity (RRI) as Bengali, Punjabi and Maratha fear. Poor Greg expected to leave India hurt without making INCT players ever feel trustworthy towards Nation, a Nation of over a billion BIF.


· Second, I should need to go head to head with respect to the issue of pre-interceded viewpoint of BCCI and selectors. Still at the back side of their mind, there is an assessment picking a Muslim, a Sikh, and Bengali et cetera. My view point, overrules the leaving it be for uncommon players; and picking those players who have political pulls, friends and aides either in Ranji Trophy string or inside BCCI or Bengali or Bihari affiliations. Why BCCI and Selectors are discarding my proposition of picking INCT on legitimize rather than on past records.

· Third, Secular versus National Cricket Team issue is tied in with picking particular players while each rounder player are holding up at every anteroom and corner of the country’s length and broadness. For what reason would it be a smart thought for us to pick a player just in light of the fact that he is incredible a protector, superstar or batsman? I should need to wrangle about while India PSL updates is stacked with each rounder player; by then why BCCI and selectors ordinarily simply select specialist of a particular field? For what reason should not BCCI get young all-rounders and set them up for future ICT. The Dirt of Cricket Money (DCM) and opportunity to move the world over with family free is the basic driver of interest for various government authorities to wind up Chairman of BCCI. I would support Indian Cricket League (ICL) of Kapil Daa for taking beast bounce to reestablish the Indian Cricket and not challenge termite eaten BCCI.


· Fourth Merit versus CCC or RRI approach motivation behind open thought is the piece of CCC and RRI. I should need to know my perusers as to:-

o Why without fall flat, BCCI ought to pick ISCT and not INCT?

o Why should the ICT selectors should be loaded with regionalism, castism and nepotism?


o Why execution and authenticity is the fundamental gauge of selectors?

· Fifth issue is to Ban Politicians and Bureaucrats (BPAB) holding any BCCI post through a statute or Supreme Court declare. Infact, the Supreme Court of India should take an action and blacklist CCIP holding any post other by then records through. As it is by all accounts, everything considered, the CCIP Indians are incredibly subservient to Court orchestrates; our administration authorities simply grasp a comparative vernacular. In case we have to reestablish ICT, first:


o Create zone insightful world class stadiums in each of the five vertex of the country Delhi, Ahmedabad/Mumbai, Chennai/Bangalore, Calcutta/Patna/Guwahati and Lucknow/Allahabad;

o Honorably leave all stalwarts and seniors to clear the courses for more young players;


o Simultaneously set up A, B and C bunches at three particular zones and levels.

I assume that my proposition would reestablish the shriveling ICT and make the player happy


of their execution. My granddad use to reliably say quote “Indians hold Nationalists over their head if fulfilled, yet poo their faces if let down” unquote. By and by days, I am finding that his announcement is befitting ICT lead and play.

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